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Introducing Tru Historical – a Division of Tru Realty

By February 10, 2021No Comments
Introducing Tru Historical - a Division of Tru Realty

Tru Realty is excited to announce the launch of Tru Historical, the fifth division since the real estate company expanded its services beyond traditional residential offerings. This exciting initiative will be led by Division Director Roger Brevoort.


Tru Historical is a collaborative group of experienced Tru Realty agents who share a passion for working with clients seeking to buy or sell properties that have distinct design and character. Our agents have expert knowledge of the neighborhoods in the central Phoenix corridor that feature these types of homes as well as other historic districts in the valley. They are actively involved with key advocacy groups such as the Arizona Preservation Foundation and Modern Phoenix.

Meet the Tru Historical team – Roger Brevoort, Stephanie Perrault, Kerry Tischuk, Willa Eigo, Renee Epple, and Kevin Bolkovatz.


Roger Brevoort is both a seasoned Realtor and a career preservationist. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Phoenix’s historic neighborhoods and their architectural character. Roger knows where in Arizona buyers can find houses of a particular style, as well as how to help sellers emphasize the architectural features and eccentricities of an older or historic home to attract buyers.


The Tru Historical team is focused on finding you a distinctive home that best matches your budget and real estate goals. Our experienced agents are here to help guide you through the process whether the historic house is move-in ready or in need of renovations. When it comes to restoring an older house, Tru Historical is linked to a growing network of contractors with specialized skills for dealing with historic homes. It’s also important to note that our agents are conversant with the approval and permitting procedures for historic properties in Arizona.


We define “Historical” as any home 50 years or older, which includes everything from the handful of surviving 19th-century houses to the hundreds of bungalows and period cottages in the established historic districts of central Phoenix. Our team can also find notable houses from later periods that feature innovative and sustainable designs of the increasingly popular mid-century modern era. There are a wide array of houses, townhouses, and condominium options in all conditions available for listing or purchase throughout the valley.


Whether you’re looking to buy a house rich in local history or a house with cutting-edge design and unique architectural features, Tru Historical is here to help. Perhaps you’re ready to sell a historic house, in which case our team can help attract a buyer who appreciates the uniqueness of the home and will pay top dollar for it. Whatever the case, Tru Historical agents are ready to help you get the most from your real estate experience!


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